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(A lire avec un ton empesé et la voix de Christopher Lee)

I’m just a little plumber far away from his world
And you know I didn’t come alone
With me stands a man who’s my elder brother
Don’t think he’s getting what we’re doing

I came to a party cause I was invited
By you, object of my desire
But a big dragon came and he stole you away
He was grumbling and spitting fire

Oh, why do you always lie to me, darling,
You never tell me you’re in danger
Maybe I don’t deserve to love a princess
But please, don’t treat me like a stranger

I run faster than a bullet and jump to the blue sky
With my head I hit orange cubes
I fight mushrooms, turtles, bombs, and don’t ask me why
I go through those random green tubes

My brother tries to help me but he doesn’t care
The only thing he wants is spaghetti
And while I’m trying to unplug those toasters
He points the sky desperately

Oh, why did I fall in love with you, darling,
You never take me as I am
Maybe a plumber doesn’t wear a tie
But dungarees make a real man

I finally arrive in front of the monster
Ready to slain the vicious beast
You’re sitting behind him and look at your savior
As if there was a joyful feast

And then, the fights begins !

I look up, he looks down
Under him, to his tail
Get it, shake him around
My victory, his fail

And much to my surprise, I take the advantage,
His life bar decreases as I hit his wound
Your pretty smile only makes me stronger
And he’s fleeing away, defeated
Hoping to get his revenge soon
Little star upon my head
But your face disappears
A message tells me
You have been in
No !

You’d make me grin
We could be happy
But I know all your fears
I won’t get you in my bed
For you I’m just a stupid toon
Mechanics apart I ain’t gifted
Can’t tell you my love, I’m just a plumber
I’ll get back home with my brother ’til I found
A new way to prove you I’m a man of courage.

"You know, Peach… Saving you every day is a hard way to live !"


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